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When decorating your home, the many pro’s of wall-to-wall carpet simply cannot be ignored. Broadloom carpet has it all: warmth, softness, ambience...

No other flooring is as crucial to the unique character of your house. And honestly, what’s more delightful than stretching out in front on the fireplace with a book or tablet, or shuffling around the room on bare feet to feel the fabric’s unique sensation? Carpet puts the ‘c’ in ‘coziness’.

Patterned carpet can suit every style. Whether you prefer bold, large patterns or a simpler, modern carpet design, you are sure to find something you'll fall in love with. Patterned carpet gives you the opportunity to add fun and colour to a room and really warm up the overall decorating scheme. For children's rooms and play areas, a patterned carpet can be a great addition.

Plain carpet is a very versatile style of carpet. Available in many colours and styles, plain carpets can be used in any room to simply complement existing decor or contrast it. Plain carpet is anything but the ‘boring’ choice. By fitting a more muted tone, you are not spending money on short-term trends and keeping your home open to as many decor changes as you wish.

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